written by Wanda

Kirsten Dunst Hangs Out At The Beach

I have been a Kirsten Dunst fan since she starred as young Claudia in “Interview with the Vampire” so I’m always thrilled to have an excuse to write about her. Kirsten hasn’t always been known for making the best choices in her personal life but that hasn’t changed my opinion of her in the least. Everyone has their problems, after all. What bothers me about Kirsten is that I really don’t think she gets the recognition she deserves as an actress. On top of that, she takes a lot of knocks about her body and I just don’t think that’s fair. I know some will disagree with me on that one but when I look at Kirsten, I see a woman that looks the way a lot of women look. I appreciate that.


  • It’s good to see celebs on the beach.

  • I love Kirsten. She comes across as an everyday kind of gal. I don’t even see why anyone would take issue with her body, not unless that person was insecure or jealous.

    Women, like men, come in all shapes and sizes. Celebrities aren’t exempt from that.

  • She’s a good looking woman with a great body. What could be the problem??

  • Exactly, Roger. The problem is not her. The problem is them. What? Because she looks natural? No implants? The ones who criticise her body have lost a grip on what Nature looks like.

    She’s beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with her body.

  • I love these pics!

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  • Um, she’s wearing aegssls so that isnt the best pic but there is a pic of her without makeup (the one in the scuba diving outfit) and she looks exactly the same, unlike Christina Hendricks. yuck.