written by Wanda

Kirsten Dunst Is Adorable.

I love Jimmy Fallon and I love Kirsten Dunst so these photos of Kirsten on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” in New York are winners all around for me. Kirsten looks absolutely adorable here. I love the outfit. I love the hair. I love the shoes. Most of all, I love how happy and healthy she looks. Kirsten had a rough go of it for a while and she really seems to have come through that well. I love a woman that can admit to her problems and get help instead of letting her problems build and develop into something much worse. I don’t know that she has put all her demons to rest but she definitely looks like she’s headed in the right direction. I hope in the future, we see nothing but great things for Kirsten Dunst.


  • I think that Kristen is an amazing person. She is a decent actress and even though I do not know a lot about her struggles she has had, she seems to be a very confident person. And I love her when she is laughing, she looks so happy.

  • She looks so cute and happy here. I love the skirt that she is wearing as well. She looks very professional here. I have always loved her in the movies that she has done. She seems like the gal next door.