written by Wanda

Kirsten Dunst Is Stunning In Sexy New Photo Shoot.

How great is it to see Kirsten Dunst again? I love this woman. I honestly do. Kirsten is gorgeous, talented and really deserves to be a much bigger star than she is. Sometimes I look at the more popular actresses in Hollywood and wonder how that happens. Kirsten has had her problems but she really seems to be in control of her life again and I need to add for the record that I absolutely love these photos. She looks sexy and sultry without looking trashy. I really appreciate a woman who can pull that kind of look off. I’m hoping new photo shoots and new film projects mean Kristen is finally going to get the attention she so deserves. She’s incredible and I couldn’t be happier to be writing about her again.

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  • What the hell is Kristen wearing in the second photo? Looks like she just tossed on a bedsheet and went with that. It does not look attractive on her at all. She is so pretty but needs to watch what she is wearing.