written by Wanda

Kirsten Dunst Looking Adorable At The Beach

I’ve been a huge Kirsten Dunst fan since “Interview with the Vampire” and while she’s gone through some things, I’ve always respected her as a person and as an actress. She did the right thing. Instead of waiting to get arrested or waiting to have some sort of public meltdown, Kirsten went to rehab to get help and now all these years later, she looks healthy, happy and absolutely adorable. I know we feature a lot of bikini clad women around here and that is great and all, but I absolutely love seeing a young, beautiful woman rocking a one piece every now and again. It’s a refreshing change and Kirsten couldn’t have chosen a cuter swimsuit. I love these pictures and I love seeing Kirsten looking so happy.

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  • This looks like a professional photo shoot. I must admit, compared to recent photos I have seen of her, she looks great in these. And she certainly has the body to rock a bikini if she wants to!