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Kourtney Kardashian’s Stunning Ass

Socialite Kourtney Kardashian enjoy summer with a great start as she was spotted soaking up the sun in one of the beautiful beaches of Miami wearing her super tiny zebra bikini that shows almost fifty percent of her stunning ass. Was it almost fifty percent or almost bare? Well, you had better judge it for yourself. Kourtney has nice tan in these photos and the toned legs and shaped boobs perfectly complements with each other. Starting to get out of the shadow made by her sister Kim, Kourtney is now becoming more visible and noticeable and eventually starting make some noise.

Kourtney Kardashian’s stunning ass

Kourtney Kardashian’s stunning ass Kourtney Kardashian’s stunning ass Kourtney Kardashian’s stunning ass
Kourtney Kardashian’s stunning ass Kourtney Kardashian’s stunning ass Kourtney Kardashian’s stunning ass Kourtney Kardashian’s stunning ass


  • With no doubt at all I would choose Kim over her sisters.

  • I think all Kardashian sisters are hot

  • the kardashian sisters are hot but kim is by far the sexiest she is in a league of her own.

  • thanks for pics

  • think kandasahan sisters need bare asses spanked

  • I would like to have all the Kardashian sisters in bed at the same time. I would bounce their nice big round asses all over the bed. Cum juice would be flowing freely like a river down the insides of their thighs.

    • Nicely said

  • Bo Bo, may I join you… so we can share those Kardashian sisters? :)

  • i wanna give it up her a##

  • I like the Kardash’s hair. :)

  • Id stick my *** up kourtney ass and shag the *** out of her!!

  • Kims ass is by far the best . I would toss her around so hard in bed

  • to bad this is all she is good for

  • honestly,imma girl and i think kourtney,kim,and khloe are sexxi because i don’t understand why scott is too dumb too realize kourt’s body if i was him honestly,i’ll be fucking her all day long,kim is hot too khloe is too but it can’t beat kourt she may sometimes save her money and wear not all exciting clothes but when she go out she dress lovely,i would bedrock all them sisters da mom kris jenner then next kylie and kendall they may be 16 but when dey turn 20 and up they’ll be fine too az hell imma be lezo for da kardashians i would day dream andimma girl *** dey beat balck women at lookz honestly,

  • nice, id bang her and her sisters bad, just last night i had a sex dream kim and j lo in bed lol, i wish

  • All the sisters are so hot. I’d like to bend all of them and the mother over, and stick my tongue in their asses. I’d eat their asses like most men eat pussy.

  • kardashian sisters all foxes, sexy girls

  • Kourtney over her sister but id love to pump both, kim is the hottest tho

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