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Kourtney Kardashian’s Day At The Beach

Now it can be told. The Kardashian girls may have all been at the front row when the “One up there” were giving out blessings. How can you not think that when all of the Kardashian ladies have all the looks and bodies to boot? Look at Kourtney having a splashing time at beautiful South Beach. Toned and tanned, Kourtney spent a day at the beach with a male “friend.” She also treated everyone there with a show of sorts – featuring her and her amazing body!

Kim Kardashian Bikini 4.jpg

Kim Kardashian Bikini 1.jpg Kim Kardashian Bikini 2.jpg Kim Kardashian Bikini 3.jpg Kim Kardashian Bikini 4.jpg Kim Kardashian Bikini 5.jpg Kim Kardashian Bikini 6.jpg Kim Kardashian Bikini 7.jpg Kim Kardashian Bikini 8.jpg Kim Kardashian Bikini 9.jpg


  • While her sister Kim gets most of the Kardashians’ publicity, Kourtney has some panache of her own. Her personality is such where she can go from mellow and non-discreet to wild and attention-getting in an instant.

  • Both kourtney and kim are hot. Her sister is more of a party girl and more social than her. Where as Kourtney is more private.Both are really hot.

  • This picture makes me want to be a photography! To bad they did not get the males ‘friend’ name, that would have been some interesting news I bet.


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