written by irene

Kristen Bell Bends Over

What is it with Hollywood divas and actresses bending over these days? Looks like they’re busy showing off their asses to the whole, interested world. Pretty actress Kristen Bell was recently photographed at a boutique. Here she is trying on some uber fancy clothes… and yes, bending over to show everyone her booteeyyy. Don’t you just wish you were there to spank her?

Kristen Bell Bends Over

Kristen Bell Booty Kristen Bell Shopping Kristen Bell Dressing Kristen Bell 4.jpg Kristen Bell 5.jpg Kristen Bell 6.jpg Kristen Bell 7.jpg Kristen Bell 8.jpg Kristen Bell 9.jpg Kristen Bell 10.jpg Kristen Bell 11.jpg


  • What the hell is up with Kristens eyes in the second to last pic?

  • Just wondering where Kristen got the bruises on her thighs. Milo? Stephen? Adrian? Masi? Sendhil?…Hayden?

    • I did it I hit it till she couldn’t cum anymore

  • I rather see her try off some clothes instead of this.

  • Very Heroastic look! :))

  • Wow, that is a great ass. I hope she did not buy all the clothes she tried because nothing really looked good.

  • nice ass


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