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Kristin Cavallari And Her Sexy Legs In Hollywood

There are very, very few women who make it big on reality shows that I actually respect. I think fame is something people should earn by having some sort of discernible talent or by being unusually good at something people want to see you do. I just don’t think being hot and bitchy fits into either of those categories. For all of those reasons and more, I’ve never been a big fan of Kristin Cavallari. I did, however, start to warm to her during her brief stint on “Dancing with the Stars”. She seemed to really work hard to learn her steps and that impressed me. I may have even learned to like her had she stuck around longer. Here outside O&A in West Hollywood, Kristin looks pretty cute. I absolutely love her legs. I’m not really a fan yet, but I could see it happening one day… maybe.

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