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Kristin Cavallari In “CSI: NY” Soon

Kristin Cavallari exercises in the outdoors. These pictures were taken to show how agile and flexible our actress was. Cavallari has been signed on by “CSI: NY” , as a guest artiste. She will play an aspiring handbag designer, who gets involved in a criminal probe. Cavallari will be the focus of attention in that particular episode, to be aired in 2009. This will be a big change for her as she moves into real acting from her past of doing reality TV shows.

Kristin Cavallari

CSI Kristin Cavallari is filming handbag designer Kristin Cavallari is flexible Kristin Cavallari 5.jpg Kristin Cavallari 6.jpg Kristin Cavallari 7.jpg Kristin Cavallari 8.jpg high kick Kristin Cavallari 10.jpg

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  • She can kick to your head!


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