written by Wanda

Kristin Cavallari Looks Sexy In Hollywood.

I’m really back and forth on Kristin Cavallari. She always looks fantastic, she has a great body and I love her style but I’m not really sure how I feel about her as a celebrity. She has her moments, I suppose. In these photos of Kristin in Hollywood, Kristin looks great as always. I adore the outfit although if I’m being honest, I think the shoes would’ve worked better in a different color. All the same, she looks good and that’s really what counts, right? I don’t really know what the future holds for Kristin. I’m not even entirely sure what path she’s going to decide to pursue in terms of her career but I’m sure no matter what she chooses to do, she’ll look great while she’s doing it.


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    The top picture is awesome her Bending over, Id be tempted to slap her bum if I were there, would be so good.

  • Okay in my opinion the shoes do not match the skirt at all. She should have worn a different color. But the skirt looks great on her. She has never been one of my favorites but that does not mean that I can not say that she looks hot here.

  • Who the hell cares that her shoes do not match? My eyes were not drawn there anyway. They were drawn to her ass which is looking rather amazing in this skirt. She looks hot!

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