written by Wanda

Kristin Cavallari Takes A Stroll In Midtown Manhattan.

I just don’t get Kristin Cavallari. Let’s say a beautiful woman is like a cake. There need to be certain ingredients present if you want the cake to be really tasty. Kristen has all those ingredients but once they’re all mixed together, baked in the oven and slathered with a generous coat of frosting, something still feels like it’s missing. I can’t figure out what that is. She’s pretty. She has a great body. She has decent fashion sense yet … something about her just kind of makes me yawn. That isn’t true all of the time. There are Kristin Cavallari photos out there I love but there are a lot that I don’t. These photos from Midtown Manhattan, NYC fall into the latter category and I can’t really figure out why. I like her outfit (assuming that’s fake fur) and I think she looks pretty but I’m still bored and a little sleepy. Maybe next time.


  • she is just a very nice looking girl, she has fantastic legs

  • hottie, she does have great legs on her,