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Kristin Davis Is The Autograph Lady

It’s great to see “Sex and the City” actress Kristin Davis back in the limelight. Great to see her busy doing the rounds of latenight television shows and all. Here she is doing the “Late Show with David Letterman” in New York City and of course, prior to her guesting, she did the autograph tasks, posing for the paps and fans bit. Truth be told, it’s good to see Kristin being all goody-goody with the fans. After all, she’s been rumored to having had a tumultuous, addiction-filled past. Do you think that will affect her status as an actress and the SATC movie?

Kristin Davis

Sex and the City in New York City Show with David Letterman Kristin Davis  4.jpg Kristin Davis  5.jpg Kristin Davis  6.jpg Kristin Davis  7.jpg Kristin Davis  8.jpg


  • my fav one out of the city girls. she is perfect looking with incredible body. love her well developed calves they meke her legs look so damm sexy

  • legs looks great, she has a fantastic figure, what a babe

  • she is nice looking has a great body,well stacked, awesome meaty legs, she is the fittest bird in sex and the city imo too, i agree with ste

  • sexy milf, legs are pow

  • yes she is my favorite of the 4 main chicks in sex and the city and I find sarah jessica parker the least attractive of the lot, its all personal opinion but man this women is gorgeous, great looking women and a fine ass body, love at those curves, work it girl

  • wish she just took her whole clothes off and got naked pure babe, love her face, love her curves, love her whole body, perfect women she pisses over Sarah Parker is looks/ body department for me

  • she has some fine calves, make her legs look even better, she is the best of the sex and the city lot I think, certainly the curviest she has a great body and she has a gorgeous face, perfect


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