written by Ann

Kristin Davis Is Voluptuous

I cannot believe my eyes. The sexy Kristen Davis is all zipped up to her neck. It must be bitter cold there. She still looks pretty and her big bust shows through her sweater. She is voluptuous. Her wide, sexy hips can be seen no matter how they are covered in sweat pants. Those dogs must be so lucky to be cuddled up next to momma.

Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis Dog Kristin Davis 3.jpg Kristin Davis 4.jpg Kristin Davis 5.jpg Kristin Davis 6.jpg Kristin Davis 7.jpg Kristin Davis 8.jpg Kristin Davis 9.jpg


  • this women is simply stunning

  • very sexy women, my ideal women

  • she is so pretty

  • Fit as fuck

  • good looking women


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