written by Wanda

Kristin Kreuk Stuns The Crowd For The CW

I’ve got to say, I’m pretty happy about the decisions The CW made this fall television season. It kept all of my favorite shows – Hart of DixieArrowThe Vampire Diaries (to a lesser extend) – and picked up the show I’m perhaps most excited about, The Originals. I’m less happy about their decision to cancel Emily Owens M.D. because I really feel it had a lot of potential and left us with a huge cliffhanger in the series finale. Not fair! All the same, I got most of what I wanted so I’m happy. What does all that have to do with Kristin Kreuk? Well, not a lot really. Her show, Beauty and the Beast was also picked up for a second season and while I’m sure fans of the show are pretty excited about that, I didn’t really have much of a reaction. I haven’t gotten around to tuning in yet. Perhaps I will now because I have to say, these photos of Kristen in NYC have me quite interested in learning more about her. She’s not your typical knockout. She’s got something unique about her look and I really like that. She also has great style. Now, I only need to find out if she can act! Based on the show’s fan base, I’m going to go ahead and assume she can. Guess I’ll tune in and fine out for myself. Glad I’ll have the chance. In an era where networks seem all too eager to cancel shows (Last Resort and Go On hurt especially bad), it’s nice to see a network willing to stand by its shows, even if the ratings aren’t terrific. Way to go, CW!


  • Kristin kreuk is a true talent and beautiful w/out even knowing how beautiful she really is

  • I just Love Kristin Kreuk to death she is amazing

  • amazing looking women