written by Wanda

Kristina And Karissa Shannon In Kandyland

Oh wonderful. Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris broke up and Hef has moved the Shannon twins back into the Playboy Mansion. That means their fifteen minutes of fame will last a bit longer. If you’re new to this site or have skipped actually reading my posts until now, you may not know I’m not the biggest Karissa Shannon fan. The woman irks me like you wouldn’t believe. Now that she’s left her boyfriend, actor Sam Jones, to return to the Playboy Mansion… well, okay, that might’ve been a pretty smart move. Sam doesn’t exactly scream responsible adult to me. Then again, neither does Hef. Whatever. Here are some pictures of Karissa & Kristina Shannon at the Kandyland event in the Playboy Mansion as they look just about as trashy and low class as two human beings could get. Nice bodies and pretty faces, but these two make me feel dirty – and not in a fun way.


  • great ass shots, superb curves, great legs they might be bimbos but they are sexy

  • amazing legs on em

  • id like to doggystyle both these girls, great legs