written by Wanda

Kristina & Karissa Shannon Are Back

I know these women are hot and all that and they have fantastic bodies or whatever but these two just really irk me. I like to call them the Trashy Twosome because “trashy” is the first word that comes to mind when I think of them and well, there are two of them so it just makes sense. I really can’t even get into these photos because of the way I feel about these women which is kind of a shame as they are fairly hot photos. You know what? I wouldn’t be the least but surprised to learn Kristina and Karissa Shannon are in some way related to Courtney Stodden. They have the same “take a picture of me or I’ll die” kind of vibe going on. Anyway, I know there are lots and lots of people out there who are going to eat these pictures right up so, ignore me and my whining and enjoy the photos!


  • 2 fine women those asses are epic, love the pics, booylicious

  • It would be like fucking with your eyes crossed.

  • what an ass