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Kylie Minogue At Home

And we have another celebrity launching their own line of design products, this time it is Kylie Minogue and she’s taking a twist. Nope, it’s not fragrance, cosmetics, or high fashion, it’s home furnishings. Yes, this is the ‘new thing’ as Cindy Crawford will be happy to tell you. Here is Kylie at the launch of her home furnishings line, which is eloquently being dubbed as ‘Kylie at Home’. Kylie is seen her launching the line in London. And I have to say, a girl in a feathered dress doesn’t really inspire me to buy bedding linen, but hey, maybe this is a move to get the men more involved in the purchase of home furnishings. It might just work! What do you think?

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue posing Kylie Minogue photoshoot Kylie Minogue 3.jpg Kylie Minogue 4.jpg Kylie Minogue 5.jpg Kylie Minogue 6.jpg Kylie Minogue 7.jpg Kylie Minogue 8.jpg Kylie Minogue 9.jpg Kylie Minogue 10.jpg Kylie Minogue 11.jpg

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