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Kylie Minogue Chats With Craig Ferguson

Kylie Minogue was on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. She wanted to promote her latest album, “X”. She especially desired to crack the US market and win new fans. Her Roman style tunic dress was beautiful and gave her an excuse to sit with legs tucked in and up. Her repertoire was well planned but a little short of the insight. Her knees and legs reflected her age. She should have kept them down.

Kylie Minogue

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  • No upskirt photos? :((

  • knees and legs reflected her age ? what a load of shit lol only a woman would say that.. She looks looked great not like her age is a secret. Compair her to cher and madonna kyle wins everytime.

  • To the blog author: I see absolutely nothing wrong with her knees and legs. They look perfectly fine to me. Her age has nothing to do with anything.

    J, quit the comparisons, please. Women have enough to contend with in the world without having to be pitted against each other. Cher, Madonna and Kylie are beautiful in their own way.


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