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Kylie Minogue Looks Happy And It Isn’t Hard To Guess Why.

Here we have Kylie Minogue outside AprazĂ­vel restaurant in Santa Tereza and I have to say, I would really like to eat at that restaurant for the scenery (read: gorgeous half named men) alone. Look at the smile on her face. Gotta say, if I were surrounded by men that looked like that I’d be smiling as well. Of course, she looks fantastic as well. Then again, I’d probably be walking around with a permanent grin on my face if I looked like Kylie anyway, so I’m not sure anyone would even notice. What a stunning lady Kylie is. I have loved her since I was but a young child and love her just as much today as I did then. Always great to get photos of her to write about.


  • I can see why Kylie would be happy. I mean those two guys do nothing to turn me on, but then again I am a straight man. I believe if I were in Kylie’s shoes, I too would revel in delight.

  • they both obviously shagged her hard so that is why she has that cheeky smile on her face, she gets me so horny, id love to bang this hot momma kylie is so sexy

  • 2 studs gave that milf a good show after, she has a nice smile love it

  • she is stunning

  • 2 very hot guys omg