written by Wanda

Kylie Minogue Looks Stunning On Italian X-Factor

I love Kylie Minogue. I saw that every time I post about her but it’s the truth. I’ve been a fan of this woman for longer than I can even remember. I remember listening to her cassette when I was but a young thing and can still remember what she looked like on the cover. She basically looked the same then as she does in these photos from Italian X-Factor. I’m quite certain this woman just does not age. It’s a little ridiculous. I can tell you I look much, much different than I did when I first say Kylie. I’ve heard she’s had a little work done here and there but I can’t argue with the results. She looks absolutely incredible.



  • she is a real women, so gorgeous a great body, look at those sexy legs, great heels, love her

  • awesome legs