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Kylie Minogue Opens World Tour For Album X

Kylie Minogue opened her World Tour for her new album X in Paris. She had a large wardrobe of eight costume changes in all. These pictures showed her special purple spider-like costume. The choreography was fantastic. Kylie and her designers went to great lengths to do something unique for her show. In 2007, Kylie faced health problems with her demanding schedules on shows. Olivier Martinez, Kylie’s former boyfriend and platonic friend, was in the audience to cheer for her.

Kylie Minogue

World Tour album X Kylie Minogue performing Kylie Minogue in pink dress Kylie Minogue showing off great kegs Kylie Minogue 6.jpg Kylie Minogue 7.jpg Kylie Minogue 8.jpg Kylie Minogue 9.jpg Kylie Minogue 10.jpg Kylie Minogue 11.jpg Kylie Minogue 12.jpg Kylie Minogue 13.jpg Kylie Minogue 14.jpg Kylie Minogue 15.jpg Olivier Martinez

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