written by Wanda

Kym Marsh Is Lovely In Black Lace

Kym Marsh, shown here at Beverly Callards hen party, isn’t really a household name outside of the UK and I actually had no idea who she was until I had to do this post. What I discovered during my research is that Kym is quite an accomplished singer, actress, presenter and reality television star who has had more than a few ups and downs in her personal life. It’s lovely to see someone overcome personal tragedy and come out stronger for it. Kym looks happy and beautiful in her black lace dress without looking trashy or cheap. This lady is lovely. It’s a shame Kym was dropped from her record label, but she seems to have rebounded nicely and found real happiness. For that I saw, good for her and I’ll be keeping an eye out for her future projects – I’m sure there will be many of them.

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  • she reminds me of katy perry ^^

  • where is kym marsh’s black lace dress from? x

  • Any luck finding out where Kym Marsh’s black lace dress is from? it’s driving me crazy trying to find it?

  • no luck either!!! iv looked everywhere for it!!!

  • Well, Lets both keep looking and update back here if you have any luck. You think someone would post the designer…anyhoo, good luck searching

  • she is awesome, she has great body, she always shows off her big cleavage and sexy legs, what a milf

  • MILF, what a fantastic women with a great body, i love bev callard two, fine ass ladies here

  • beautiful women with very sexy legs

  • nice looking women, got some nice booty on her and fine legs, Bev callard is rather tasty too for a women in her 50’s.

  • Mrs callard is banging for a 55 yr old lass, the things I would do to both these women, both milfs though Bev could be more Gilf territory, both are fine