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Lacey Schwimmer Bares Her Belly

I freaking love Lacey Schwimmer but I don’t really know why. I’d never heard of her until I started watching ‘Dancing with the Stars’ last year but it was over the course of that show that I really fell in love with her. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that she’s a very tough and confident girl that doesn’t take any crap off anyone – least of all her dance partners. She has a fantastic body and while I don’t think she’s all that attractive otherwise, her personality is really what’s most alluring about her. As she arrives at a dance studio to rehearse in Los Angeles, California, I can’t help feeling a little excited. Granted, she’s paired with Mike ‘Psycho’ Catherwood who has about the grace of a sick elephant, but I’m sure she’ll get the best performance out of him that she can. Can’t wait to watch it unfold!

Lacey Schwimmer bares her belly

Lacey Schwimmer bares her belly Lacey Schwimmer bares her belly Lacey Schwimmer bares her belly Lacey Schwimmer bares her belly Lacey Schwimmer bares her belly


  • No she does not really have an attractive face at all. But I think that any gal would want that body. I know that if my girl had a body like that I would be all over her every minute I got. Those abs are rock hard!

  • looks good , nice bod

  • she is not bad looking but what a body, her face is ok too imo

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