written by Wanda

Lacey Schwimmer Hits Up Lady Foot Locker

I freaking love Lacey Schwimmer. I really do. The lady is gorgeous, talented and has the sort of feisty personality that just makes me melt. I normally don’t like girls that are overly athletic there is really a fine line between athletic and masculine but Lacey manages to walk that line gracefully. Her body is just ridiculous and I love that she’s not afraid to show that off. Here at Lady Foot Locker in LA, Lacey shows off her lovely legs, her toned abs and her infectious personality, all while just trying on shoes and sportswear. I hope she gets to stick around this season on Dancing with the Stars despite the fact that her partner, Chaz Bono, really can’t dance. Still love him though and love her. The two of them together are entertaining of nothing else.

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  • Wow, she looks so strong. I wouldn’t mess with her. Or maybe I would…