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Lady Gaga’s Amazing Cheeky Ass

Top performer and recording artist Lady Gaga looking hot as she arrive in London Hotel wearing a blonde wig, drawn eyebrows, nice pantyhose, and a black tiny panty or shall we call it a thong. Despite of all the eye-catching things she has, the most noticeable she got is her amazing cheeky ass that has been freely exposed in these photos. Lady Gaga is known for her extreme fashion style and this one she has in these photos is just another unique fashion sense she got right there. Despite of that noticeable fashion taste she got, it looks good at her as she always compliments it with some wigs, accessories and the like.

Lady Gaga’s amazing cheeky ass

Lady Gaga’s amazing cheeky ass Lady Gaga’s amazing cheeky ass Lady Gaga’s amazing cheeky ass
Lady Gaga’s amazing cheeky ass Lady Gaga’s amazing cheeky ass Lady Gaga’s amazing cheeky ass


  • No shame at all, or just some kind of a fashion we don’t understand?

  • great legs and ass

  • Lady Gaga’s ass is what mans want.

  • Why can’t more women with nice bodies follow her example? Love the patterned tights, nice legs / rear. Good music too, saw her before she got famous, genuine talent.

  • I’d pay good money to pull those cheeks apart and get my tongue up her ***. I’ve got a hard-on like a milk bottle just thinking about tongue fucking her ringpiece.

  • Her legs, those patterned tights, my *** right up deep inside her. What a woman!

  • Do you think she’d let me do her through those nylon? Even if I begged?

  • I would lick the *** off her ass.

  • if you scroll down you will see the style lady gaga is going for but the ass out originated with this guy…

  • the ass out started with me, I am not as good at creating an performing music as lady gaga although I do play piano on the street, mostly rag time, a better sight is me to show how lady gagas ass out look should go.

  • I get so hard thinking about her ass.. Mm I’d do anything to taist it with my toungue

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