written by Nabanita

Lady Gaga And The House Of Gaga Tour

Everyone’s talking about Lady Gaga and her approach to style. As such, it comes as no surprise that she chose to wear an out of the ordinary costume for her House of Gaga tour. This corset style outfit certainly raised a few eyebrows. It’s got a gothic touch and keeps in theme with black. We can probably say what she lacks in the sense of contemporary fashion she makes up by her onscreen presence. She’s going the crowd swinging to her music, and her moves. You may or may not love those net leggings and black boots but that doesn’t undermine the effect she has on people via her music.

Lady Gaga

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  • “she lacks in the sense of contemporary fashion”

    Who cares about ‘contemporary fashion’ when she’s got her ass hanging out

  • Hanging out ass is probably the best part of her GaGa tour.

  • I am not here to judge her look, but GaGa truly knows how to sing, comparing to other pop stars.

  • If you ask me she also looks great! Just check her body.

  • wuf wuf:)

  • Love her performances!

  • what an outstanding body. legs and ass are just perfect

  • Perfect ass.

  • the legs and ass… amazing.
    i would like to get a taste of her ass and those legs.. mmm

  • lgg has the hottest sexiest best set of legs and ass! she is outstanding

  • All right I admit I masturbate looking at her in those stockings… but that is why she wears them isn’t it?