written by Wanda

Lady Gaga Gains 25 Pounds, Shares Underwear Pics On Twitter

I know some folks ’round these parts aren’t big fans of Lady Gaga but I am so I’m thrilled to have the chance to write about these photos. While some young female celebs might freak out about gaining 25 pounds and immediately try to lose the weight, Lady Gaga takes a completely different approach. She strips to her undies and has a few underwear pics snapped. Then she shares them online. I think that’s fantastic. There are too many women in this world who worry so much about their weight. Gaga not only doesn’t hide her new curves, she shows them off. She talks so much about confidence and loving who you are. This is clearly a woman who lives her message. I admire that infinitely. While she has said she intends to lose the weight, I think it’s fantastic she did this all the same.


  • You mean see was thinner before???

  • Wow she looks great for gaining 25 pounds. 25 pounds is not that much but it suits her well. I am not really a huge Gaga fan but am glad that she is comfortable with her body. That is what is amazing.