written by Wanda

Lady GaGa Just Isn’t All That Attractive

I love Lady Gaga. I love her style, I love her music and I love her gutsy outspoken attitude. She’s a strong, confident woman but man, she’s not really that attractive in the old mug, is she? She’s one of the rare examples of a celebrity who makes it to superstar status without relying on a pretty face. Sure the costumes may have helped get her noticed, but she’s a talented musician, even if her singles don’t always show that. Making it her level without being super pretty isn’t terribly uncommon, but yeah – definitely unusual which really works for Gaga as her whole thing is about being different. She stands out and I adore that about her. Just once though I’d like to see her show up somewhere looking normal. Now that would be shocking.


  • lol lady gaga is fucking horrific, not only is she butt ugly but her tits sag around her knees.


  • I think she’s hot. She is odd looking but that’s a turn on for me.

  • I agree odd looking but that body is awesome! Hot legs and ass with a fantastic rack!