written by Wanda

Lady Gaga Lets Her Butt Hang Out On Stage In London

Had I not already used the London/France cliche in an earlier post about Pixie Lott, I would totally be using it here. Oh Lady Gaga – the pantless wonder. Lady Gaga took the “forgot my pants” look and ran with it, spawning millions of imitators. Maybe millions is a bit of an exaggeration but you get my point. Not long ago, I was making a rare trip out of the house and couldn’t find my shorts. It was hot so I threw on a pair of black tights, an oversized t-shirt and took off. My justification? Lady Gaga can do it. Why can’t I? I felt awkward and uncomfortable all day long. I have to wonder how Gaga got past that? Maybe modesty is just a foreign concept to her. Yeah, I think I’m going to go with that one. Doesn’t matter though. I still love her like I love puppies. Her style just doesn’t work for me. Guess that means it’s time to reconsider the meat dress I was planning to wear to town on Friday.


  • Gud day

  • Lady Gaga is a piece of work. I think it is great that she is not afraid to show off a side that many can not do. She has pure confidence and that says a lot about a woman. Go Lady Gaga, I respect you for that.

  • Another Celeb that id luv to ass f*ck! Great shes got a few pounds on, all the better for bangin’ her