written by Wanda

Lana Del Ray Rocks Some Dark Locks

I really like Lana Del Ray. I know a lot of people gave her a hard time over her appearance on Saturday Night Live a while back but I was of the opinion that people were more than a little too harsh on her. She was a newcomer at the time, more or less, and she was likely pretty nervous. All told, I didn’t even think the performance was that bad. I’m sure most of that is a long forgotten memory for most by now though. I don’t think Lana is though. This girl is so beautiful and so talented, I could really see her having a successful career in the long run. In this photo set, we see Lana showing off her darker looks while¬†shooting her new music video in LA. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Judging by these shots, it’s going to be fantastic.


  • nice, fit girl, nice tattoo there too, I like a tattoo on a women

  • she got fat

  • she is not fat, some of you guys must be so needy and superficial, if you think a bit of meat on a women makes them fat, you must only like women who are stick thin

    • I have to agree with you, Anonymous. Although I always have a ‘to each their own’ attitude about the comments around here, I don’t see fat at all when I look at Lana.

  • she is hot