written by Wanda

Laura Vandervoort Makes Me Proud To Be Canadian

I gotta be honest – a lot makes me proud to be Canadian but somewhere close to the top of the list is the quality of talent we sometimes turn out. Laura Vandervoort is a great example of what I mean by that. She’s beautiful. She’s talented and she doesn’t seem to have that “I’m going to be a star” ego about her. This is a young lady who has put a lot of time and effort into building a solid career. I don’t think that’s paid off just yet but I don’t doubt it will one day. In these photos, we see Laura walking around Vancouver looking casual yet sexy. I love the outfit she’s opted for here. It compliments her but doesn’t make her look like she’s trying to stand out and get attention. ┬áVery lovely young lady with a great career ahead of her.

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