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Laura Vandervoort’s Bikini In “Into The Blue 2: The Reef”

Laura Vandervoort’s blue and white bikini pictures were taken on the set of “Into the Blue 2: The Reef.” She looked stunning. The movie also starred Chris Carmack, who had supporting roles in Desperate Housewives and The Hills. The movie was shot on location in Hawaii. The sands were beautiful, clean and white. The movie would be packaged for the DVD market. Laura said that the finale contained many dramatic changes. A character would disappear and the climax would come as a surprise.

Laura Vandervoort

Laura Vandervoort in a bikini Chris Carmack Into the Blue 2: The Reef Laura Vandervoort is hot Laura Vandervoort 5.jpg Laura Vandervoort 6.jpg Laura Vandervoort 7.jpg Laura Vandervoort 8.jpg Laura Vandervoort 9.jpg Laura Vandervoort 10.jpg Laura Vandervoort 11.jpg Laura Vandervoort 12.jpg Laura Vandervoort filming a movie Laura Vandervoort kissing a guy Laura Vandervoort 15.jpg


  • Okay that’s hot ! =)

  • laura is so hot

  • They are so hot yea!

  • so wher’s the HQ stuff??

  • Shes Cute but She is no Jessica Alba. They could have used a cuter girl to at least have someone gorgeous. Before the movie was sexy and attention grabbing, now the cover of into the blue 2 looks like a white trash movie.

  • are you mad.


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