written by Wanda

Laura Whitmore Hits Up The BMWi3 Launch In London

To me, Laura Whitmore is a near perfect expression of what beauty is. I love the shape of her face. Those cheekbones are gorgeous, the eyes are gorgeous, the body is gorgeous … it’s all gorgeous. While that’s kind of a good thing, it’s kind of a bad thing too. I like women who have flaws. To me, Laura looks more Barbie than person. Now that’s not to say I think she looks plastic because she doesn’t. She just kind of looks like she could have been the original model for the Barbie doll and that doesn’t appeal to me a whole lot. Here at the BMW i3 launch party in London, Laura looks stunning. While it sounds like I’m complaining about her appearance, I’m really not. If the biggest problem I can find with a set of photos is that the subject looks too perfect, the subject is obviously doing something right. Heck, that’s a problem I’d like to have, even just once.

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