written by Ann

Lauren Conrad’s Sexy Skirt

Lauren Conrad dropped off her dog, Chloe, at the pet grooming services at Petco in Beverly Hills. She then went to a casting call in Hollywood, with a girlfriend. This explained why she was so well dressed in a sexy skirt and top. Lauren has been doged with rumors about an alleged sex tape made with her old, ex boyfriend, Jason Wahler. Wahler had trouble when he was slapped with two lawsuits over a couple of assault cases. Every time Wahler’s name came into the news, people were reminded of Lauren Conrad.

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad with her friend Lauren Conrad 2.jpg Lauren Conrad 3.jpg Lauren Conrad is beautiful Lauren Conrad sexy legs sexy skirt Lauren Conrad 7.jpg Lauren Conrad 9.jpg Lauren Conrad 10.jpg legs Lauren Conrad is hot Lauren Conrad with dog Lauren Conrad 14.jpg Lauren Conrad 15.jpg


  • Cute dog

  • So is she :))

  • ^^^ I know, I was trying to be funny.

  • I will never get it… why is she wearing so damn big handbag? Not sexy at all .

  • id pump both, one in white is fine as hell