written by Wanda

Lea Michele Is An Underrated Beauty.

I haven’t really been as into ‘Glee’ over the last few seasons – not like I was for season one, at least. It just lost a little bit of its appeal for me but one thing has never changed. I love Lea Michele and her voice always slays me. I will continue watching ‘Glee’ as long as Lea is on the show because it will mean getting treated to her beautiful voice at least once in a while. Here’s the thing about Lea though. Everyone knows she can sing and those who pay attention probably know she can act. I don’t think she gets enough credit for her beauty though. She isn’t the typical beautiful Hollywood starlet, no, but she is a very beautiful woman. I think that really shows in these photos from LA.


  • she is very fit, great legs, like the tattoo on her foot too, sexy girl

  • she is lovely, great legs