written by Wanda

Leaked Cell Phone Photos Of Christina Hendricks

So her ‘people’ have come forward and said the boob shots originally with this set of pictures isn’t Christina but to be honest, I like these pictures far more than the bare breasted ones. Christina Hendricks is one of my favorite television actresses and seeing private photos of her with barely any makeup in the most casual of settings only makes me like her more. This woman is a natural beauty. With that said, I’m a little tired of people hacking celebrity cell phones and leaking the pictures online. It’s such an invasion of privacy. So why am I writing about them? Well, aside from the fact that its my job to write about the pictures I’m given, these pictures are already out there. Does that make me any better than anyone else publishing them? Nope. Not in the least but that’s what helps me sleep at night so there it is.


  • Her ‘people’ have come forward and lied on her behalf. The boob shot is definitely her…

    • I am inclined to agree with you. I’ve only seen the shot in question elsewhere and while you can’t see her face it seems pretty odd that all of the pictures are her aside from that one. I suppose it’s possible. Just doesn’t seem logical.

  • I’ve never seen her without make-up so I don’t know if it’s definitely her. It kinda looks like her though. Really looks like her in the basque. However, whether it’s her or not, whether she looks great in them or not, you’re right, privacy is an issue.

    • Her publicist said most of the pictures are her so I suppose they are but I agree, she does look great. I don’t like the invasion of privacy but I do like the photos. I have to question why celebrities continue taking half naked or entirely naked photos of themselves when so many other celebrities have been hacked. While hacking cell phones is certainly a sleazy move of the highest order, it’s a reality of the age we’re living in. Of course they shouldn’t have to worry about it but they do. I guess it’s just one of those things.

  • she is a major hottie

  • thats my name

  • she has huge ass boobies