written by Wanda

LeAnn Rimes Goes Shopping In Body Hugging Dress

I don’t like LeAnn Rimes. There’s something so phony about her but I really don’t think that’s what bothers me about her. There is plenty of phony in Hollywood and most of the time I find it only mildly irritating. I also don’t think it’s the homewrecking that gets under my skin. There’s lots of that in Hollywood too. I used to love LeAnn. I’m not a huge fan of country music but I really liked her. Then she did the whole “Twisted Angel” thing and I guess that’s really when I started getting annoyed. Whatever the reason, I guess I have to admit she looks pretty good in these pictures taken at the Cross Creek Shopping Center in Malibu. She’s looking healthier than she has in a while so that’s nice to see.

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  • ‘How Do I Live Without You’ was as far as I got with LeAnn Rimes. That and ‘Can’t Fight the Moonlight’. She kinda lost me after that.

    I don’t dislike her. I’m just really neither here nor there about her.