written by Ann

LeAnn Rimes Is A Winner

LeAnn Rimes was in a fantastic dress at the CMT Awards. It looked like it was made up from hundreds of silver CDs . It was an appropriately themed dress at this Music Award function. She won in the section called “CMT Music Awards Collaborative Video of the Year”. She said that she did not expect to win and thanked everyone who voted for her. She was proud to receive this honor.

LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes 1.jpg CMT Awards LeAnn Rimes dressed up CMT Music Awards LeAnn Rimes, a winner LeAnn Rimes 6.jpg LeAnn Rimes 7.jpg LeAnn Rimes 8.jpg LeAnn Rimes 9.jpg


  • Fucking gorgeous picture~~~!!! I see it in this lady’s profile at richromances that is asite for model and beautiful people. Si she still a single? Still looking?

  • LeAnn is close to perfect beauty in my book!

  • LeAnn has been my fav for years now…just a unique mysterious yet obvious beauty to her…..so beautiful in every possible way….all of her facial features are unique and she’s just a complete Goddess!!!!

  • Somehow LeAnn reminds me of Nicole Kidman….