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Leelee Sobieski Likes Pink Panties

It’s sweet-faced Hollywood actress Leelee Sobieski’s turn to show the world what her preference in terms of underwear is! Leelee, who used to play the role of Joan of Arc in a made-for-tv movie, was recently photographed getting out of her car — and alas she sent the paps all excited when they saw that she was wearing pink panties! Celebrities should really get a crash course on the right way to alight a vehicle without flashin’ their underwear, seriously! Also, is it just me or is Leelee looking a lot like Helen Hunt these days?

Leelee Sobieski upskirt

Joan of Arc Leelee Sobieski 2.jpg Leelee Sobieski 3.jpg Leelee Sobieski 4.jpg Leelee Sobieski 5.jpg Leelee Sobieski 6.jpg Leelee Sobieski 7.jpg Leelee Sobieski 8.jpg Leelee Sobieski 9.jpg Leelee Sobieski 10.jpg Leelee Sobieski underwear Leelee Sobieski 12.jpg

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