written by Wanda

Leggy Ashley Tisdale And Mom Shop For Christmas

“High School Musical” and “Hellcats” actress Ashley Tisdale and her mother Lisa head out for a little Mother/Daughter Christmas shopping at Planet Blue in Beverly Hills looking absolutely adorable. I was a little undecided on The Tis until I started watching her on “Hellcats”. I have to admit, she won me over. She may not be my favorite young actress working in Hollywood but I could see her doing bit things with her career if she chooses the right projects. What I like most about these pictures has nothing at all to do with how cute she looks in her high waisted black skirt and red boots. I like these pictures because they show Ashley as a pretty normal girl, hanging out with her Mom as they shop for the Holidays.


  • Toothpick legs.

  • My nephews were into High School Musical when they were younger, so I had no choice bu to watch it whenever I was there! I did like Ashley Tisdale in it ‘cos I thought she was quite funny.

    She really looks like her mum (well, to me anyway).

  • You guys are TOOO cute!!! I love how you’re slmiing in every picture So in love . I like the one at the bar You can just kick back and enjoy a beer together!