written by Wanda

Leggy Ashley Tisdale At The Journey 2 Premiere

I wasn’t really an Ashley Tisdale fan for a long time but she’s really been growing on me over the last few months. She looks beautiful here at the Journey 2 Mysterious Island premiere in LA, wearing a flattering, sexy dress that looks amazing on her. She’s grown so much since she first hit the Hollywood scene but instead of showing that growth by sporting the same kind of trashy attire some of her contemporaries wear, Ashley wears more mature styles that are still youthful and fun. I love this color on her. I’m not crazy over pairing the dress with the shoes but i can understand why she chose them. Nude or light colored shoes make the legs look longer although judging for these pictures, she didn’t need the help.



  • she is one of the most beautiful girls in her age.

  • I really didn’t notice how pretty Ashley was in High School Musical because I was distracted by how funny she was in it – she goofed around a lot and I liked that. But she actually is quite pretty. I just didn’t really see it before.

  • I am looooooving the outfit Ashley has on. Don’t know what to call it: knitted, crocheted? But I love it! And it’s a deep kinda pink. Plus it’s not too short – just right – shows off her legs but not too much of it.

  • She really does look gorgeous in that dress she’s wearing. I actually didn’t realise her legs were that striking before. I think her selection of dress and shoes really bring them out. She also looks very confident. I like that.

  • fit as fuck

  • nice legs on this babe

  • real sexy girl, nice legs indeed