written by Wanda

Leggy Audrina Patridge Hits The Beach With A Friend

Are you surprised to see Audrina Patridge on the beach in anything other than a teeny tiny bikini? I am, but there’s a reason for it. Apparently Audrina had an allergic reaction to some sort of spray tanning product which meant she had to cover up a little more than she normally would and you know what? I think the pictures are better for it. Sure Audrina has an incredible body and knows how to rock a bikini but it’s nice to see a different look on her. I think she chose the perfect outfit for her walk on the beach with a friend before the “Finest Clubs” awards, held for the first time in Cabo. While the reason for the more conservative look may have been unpleasant the result certainly wasn’t. These pictures are some of my favorite pictures of Audrina. She looks mature, sexy and most important, is actually wearing clothes that leave a little something to the imagination for once.


  • Yep, I agree. With more left to the imagination, Audrina actually looks more classy and sexy. As long as the allergic reaction isn’t uncomfortable for her, I’m partly hoping she gets another reaction for the better part of next year!

  • Sadly Reality TV personality Audrina Patridge isn’t the hottest girl in any room or on any beach anymore. Post drastic reduction procedure Audrina is flattened, sagging, and shapeless. Allergic reaction? Nice spin. Not a coincidence Audrina is all covered up. Notice, Audrina has no cleavage, none. So we see Audrina again this year in a high neckline, baggy, shapeless dress. Even in a coverup Audrina always had curves. But no more. Boobs are gone, and what’s left sags. She is in desperate need of some boost to her bust. A padded bra and bikini top would help. In 2010 Audrina would have been just as curvy as any girl in the pictures. But sadly Audrina’s curves have left the beach!

  • FrankieT, if like you say, she’s gone through some kind of reduction surgery and isn’t as curvy as she used to be, I see nothing wrong with that. Curves, less curves or no curves, cleavage or not, ‘saggy’ or not, she’s still a woman. It doesn’t take away from her femininity. Beauty comes from the inside and maybe this will be a chance for her to tap into that.

    Being the ‘hottest girl in any room or any beach’ is a very brittle aspiration and I pity anyone who aspires to that or anyone who puts those expectations on someone and judges that person accordingly.

    See how, covered up, how happy and relaxed Audrina looks in those pictures? I’d like to think the correlation is no coincidence.