written by Wanda

Leggy Lauren Pope Avoids A Crotch Shot

Before she showed up to the premiere of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1” wearing next to nothing, I had no idea who Lauren Pope was. It’s kind of funny how wearing something ridiculously inappropriate to a film premiere can put your name on the map. Anyway, I have to hand it to Lauren. She looks pretty good in these photos taken at the Cirque Du Soleil Totem premiere in London. What makes me love these pictures even more though, is the fact that Lauren seems to have figured out the secret to avoiding the dreaded crotch shot some of the sleazier paparazzi out there like to go for. I was starting to really believe it was impossible to wear a short skirt and get out of a car without flashing panties but Lauren seems to have managed to do that. Sure there are some upskirt shots in this set but for the most part, Lauren’s kept the important bits covered. Pretty classy, really. I may need to reevaluate my opinion on this woman.


  • Who is Lauren Pope? Model, actress, singer? I have no idea who she is. Sorry. I do think she’s dressed quite modestly though, which is nice. I particularly like her skirt – the colour of it. Not sure I like the shade of handbag. A black one would have gone better, I think.

    • She’s a model, DJ and producer but she also runs a few business enterprises. Right now, she’s really best known as the woman that wore a ridiculously revealing dress to the Twilight premiere. That event was actually the first time I’d heard of her. I do like her outfit though. I like the handbag but I think black would’ve been better as well, 0or perhaps something that matched something she was wearing a bit better.

  • Ah, a multi-careered lady then. Cool.

    So in terms of the revealing dress, she did what British actress Liz Hurley did years ago when she turned up at a premiere in a black number held together by what looked like huge safety pins.