written by Wanda

Leggy Stacy Keibler Is Sexy Bikini Photoshoot

So… Stacy Keibler and George Clooney, huh? That seems like such a strange pair to me. First, George usually dates ladies who aren’t well known in the industry – waitresses, aspiring models and women of that ilk. Stacy seems a little high profile. Second, George seems to go mostly for gorgeous brunettes instead of gorgeous blonds. I kind of like this pairing though, as unusual as it may seem and from the looks of this bikini photoshoot, it isn’t hard to imagine why George might stray from the brunettes to spend some time with Stacy. I can really see this one working. Here’s hoping too. Stacy deserves a good man and if you believe the gossip surrounding these two, Stacy is definitely into Mr. Clooney in a big way. I hope that works out for her.

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