written by Wanda

Leighton Meester And Blake Lively On The Set Of Gossip Girl.

Blake Lively and Leighton Meester are beautiful, talented women and they look deeply immersed in their work in these on-set photos from a “Gossip Girl” night shoot in New York but I could only think of one thing while looking at these snaps – “Gossip Girl” is still a thing? I genuinely thought the show had gone of the air years ago. That’s not a comment on the show, or even the show’s popularity. I just remember a time when all anyone could talk about was “Gossip Girl” but I haven’t heard anyone talking about it in quite some time. My usual television watching pals used to tell me I absolutely had to watch it but I never got around to it. Then I started hearing I shouldn’t bother. I probably will one of these days. For now though, I’ll just comment on what I know for sure. These ladies are beautiful and talented. I’m sure they’ll have no trouble continuing their careers after the show winds down.


  • OMG I love love love Leighton Meesters shoes. How cute. Blake has always been a favorite of mine as well. She is so pretty. However the first photo of her really cracks me up.

  • Blake’s face in the first photo cracks me up. I think that she is such a cute gal and her and Ryan make a great pair, but that is another story. I did not know that Gossip Girl was still on either, it has been a long running show.