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Leighton Meester’s Naughty Side

Leighton Meester posing for GQ Magazine wearing as bad as lingerie as can be published in the gentleman’s magazine without being X-rated. You must get your hands on the December issue if you want to see all the poses and learn more about the girl that plays the “snooty” high society Blair Waldrof on CW’s Gossip Girl. The gossip about the photos is pretty quite – no one knows for sure if there are more photos, how many will be used, and if there will be an interview attached. What a mystery. Guess we have to wait until the issue is out to learn the secret.

Leighton Meester’s naughty side

Leighton Meester’s naughty side Leighton Meester’s naughty side Leighton Meester’s naughty side


  • gorgeous

  • Leighton has nice sexy round butt cheeks. I would love to get into her pussy

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