written by Wanda

Leilani Dowding Looks Adorable In Her Workout Clothes.

Leilani Dowding is one of those women I always seem to forget about until a new set of photos of her shows up. Then I fall in love with her all over again. These photos make it hard for me to understand how it’s even possible for me to forget a woman like this. Her body is ridiculous. I would have to imagine Leilana spends a lot of time in workout clothes like these because a body like that doesn’t happen by accident. She must work out a lot. I respect her dedication and I love the results. I’m going to make a concentrated effort not to forget about Leilani this time although it is always a nice surprise to see how hot she is like I’m seeing her for the first time all over again.


  • nice body on her, she is very pretty

  • The perfect mid section

  • nice looking women, super figure also