written by Ann

Lily Allen Bares Bum

Lily Allen wore a cute blue Little Bo Peep costume at the G-A-Y performance in London. Allen accessorized her stage costume with pink nails and lipstick. Allen showed off her pert bottom in racy underwear. She proved her critics wrong by revealing her slim and beautiful figure. Allen sang Alright, Still and other popular tracks from her new album, ”Its Not Me, Its You.” After her concert, Allen went partying at Bungalow 8, still attired in her bum baring costume.

Lily Allen's ass

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  • Man, I’d pound away at that ass till I passed out!

  • What do these G-A-Y people get all attention? :(

    Lily is looking great anyhow, especially ass shot is amazing!

  • i’m growing a chubby just by looking at these pics, thanx lily.

  • wow lily has an awsome ass and very sexy shapely legs

  • she is sexy and these are great pics, showing that nice ass is good makes you wonder though how people like her, Rhianna, Nicki Minaj are so desperate for any attention even if it means being half naked all the time.

    Why are they always so desperate is beyond me