written by Ann

Lily Allen’s Sheer Dress

Lily Allen was dressed to kill in an Armand Basi black dress with a sheer panel. It showed a flat stomach and sleek valley down her cleavage. Allen had her rendezvous with a business meeting in a posh restaurant in London. Allen looked every bit the tough singer and business entrepreneur in her glamorous get-up. Allen had recently sang Britney Spears’ cover song, Womanizer, and her record label was not pleased with it. Allen explained that she did it as she loved Spears and Womanizer.

Lily Allen

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  • superb outfit!

  • Love Lily Allen. Would love to see her face and tit’s covered in my thick cum.

  • lily allen is so damm hot. fucking outstanding body

  • is she teasing in public? :))

  • lily is so dam hot. love those awesome tits. those sexy legs and tight ass

  • Lily has a body designed for such a hot outfit. I just love it. However I do not know how she dares to wear thoose killer heels out, she seems a little unstabile in them.