written by Nabanita

Lily Allen’s Not-so-perfect Outfit

If you love Lily Aleen and are keen to hear her voice, there’s no need to be disappointed despite the fact that she hasn’t renewed her recording contract yet. Seems, she’s not cutting a music album anytime soon. Here’s glimpses of her at The Big Day Out music festival. Certainly not the most appealing singer physically but she’s probably not to keen on the fashion scene. That explains the flower power ensemble with leopard printed hot pants, and those cellulite packed thighs. The once upon a time troubled teen is gearing up to test business possibilities with a record label, and fashion rental store.

Lily Allen

Lily Allen Lily Allen Lily AllenLily Allen


  • why wearing outfit like that when you have body covered with cellulite?

  • i would hit her no matter what :p

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